Dinner Menu for V-Day, Or Any Night

Though I love a great bouquet delivered to my door, Valentine's Day is not really a holiday that I look forward to. Going out for dinner on this day of mushy love is like going out on New Year's Eve. It feels like amateur hour and it all seems a little forced. Making dinner at home for your love, your family, your friends, whomever is coming to your table, sounds so much better. I put together this super simple and easy menu for Cheeky. It takes a little help from the market with some premade items. Honestly, the menu comes together in much less than an hour and your guests will think you slaved. 

Ricotta & Rosemary Crostini with Honey

Shrimp & Cherry Tomato Pasta with Pesto

Strawberry Shortcake

All the recipes can be found on Cheeky. You will be amazed at just how simple it is, and how short the grocery list is. 

Happy Cooking. And Valentine's Day. 

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