The Great Rug Debate

Thank you so much to all my Instagram followers for voting on my rug choices. To fill you in on where this is actually going to go, here is a visual. 

I LOVE my navy and blue rug, but it is not as plush as I would like for this space. It also is a bit too graphic for this area for me. The ikat pillows are gone and the ottoman has been moved to the basement family room. 

I want something more neutral, but with a fun pattern. The choices were narrowed to two options... 

This fantastic, super dense and thick, rug from Crate & Barrel has more brown tones with beiges and grays. 

The Tribal print is killer. 

Option number two is from Masland Carpet and Rug. I got the sample from my friend Kate from Kate Marker Interiors, who works with great vendors. 

This rug is also a beige tone, but with much more blue and gray. 

Ultimately, the winner is option number two. Because of the beige sofas in the room, I really need something with some color. Even if it is just a little bit. The light color makes me a bit nervous about stains, but I plan on treating it as soon as I receive it. 

Think I made the right choice? What is your favorite? 


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