Fashion Flashback with Gwyneth

My room in high school, much like every other teenage girl on the planet, had a bulletin board with current boy band crushes, notes from friends, and fantasy fashion from the red carpet. I cannot recall many of the looks from those ripped out pages from magazines, except for one. 

This was when Gwyneth was still a young ingenue, attending the 1996 VMAs in a Gucci suit designed by the incomparable Tom Ford. There was something about this look that I gravitated to, and honestly still do. The way her shirt is open, but not in a vulgar way, and looks like she borrowed it from Brad is genius. Her hair looks effortless and so does her make up. Try to ignore the shoes. 

And then there is the velvet suit. Velvet can go down such a bad road, especially at this time period. The height of crushed velvet, yikes. But here it comes off a bit understated, but the color is rich and vibrant. 

I have loved velvet ever sense. But purely in the tailored pants and jacket capacity. Even today, seventeen years later (OMG!), I want this suit or at least to look like Gwynie here. Luckily there are some great options in updated cropped skinnies and interestingly cut jackets. 

1. BDG $29 (on sale) 
2. Siwy $154 
3. J. Crew $80 (on sale, also comes in a pretty blush) 
4. James Jeans $168 
5. J. Crew $99 (on sale, comes in other colors)
6. Toi et Moi $129
7. Unconditional $395 
8. Johan Earl $57 

That ombre jacket is a-mazing. I also can't get over that fun update to a flight jacket. As if Ms. Paltrow could influence me anymore, she is repeating my love from her from so long ago. Ugh. I love her, and I hate her. 


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