Hot Roller Holiday Hair

I am a true loyalist to the hot roller. Is that weird? I have loved them since middle school and never looked back. 

My fondest memories of them are waking up extra early freshman year of high school so I could set my hair in those hot little numbers for perfect curls. Which is funny because I was into the granola look then, all thrift store cords and North Face t-shirts. Regardless, I can look back and know my hair looked fab. 

I broke them out the other night for a dinner party I threw. And the results did not disappoint. It makes for great holiday hair. 

There are not a whole lot of tricks, but here is how I roll... (so not funny, yet I am giggling)...

1. Make sure they are super hot before using. Roll the big ones on top down the middle of your head, like a mohawk. 

2. Then work your way down by levels, using the smallest ones on the bottom. Which is kind of backwards, but the bottom gets the least amount of time, so I figure the smaller give more curl. 

3. Leave them in until they cool completely. Do your make up, have a snack, pick out your outfit, paint your nails....

4. Unroll in the same order you put them in leaving the curl as much in tact as possible. You won't be able to see if you do it right. 

5. Once they are out, flip your head a couple of times, then run your fingers gently through the curls. Spray with hairspray. I like Elnett

6. Your curls WILL be too curly at the beginning, but they will fade to lovely low curls in a bit. If not, run your fingers through them a bit more until they are the way you want. Spray with hairspray again. 

Happy curling, ladies. 


  1. Oh girlfriend. I couldn't agree more. I am the founder of the hot roller club. For serious. I do mine e'erday though. It is the only way my hair holds a curl.

  2. So pretty! I need a new holiday look and I feel this is something I could handle. What rollers do you recommend? I will have to make an Ulta stop!

    1. I use these Conair ones because they heat up really fast. But any are great as long as they come with a variety of sizes.



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