Happy Weekend

Not that I am wishing for snow, but with so much family coming in town (some of which never get to see it) it would be nice to have a white Christmas. 

And then I am reminded of the brutality that snow can bring in Chicago. 

If you ever worked or work in the city and commute on foot at any time during it, you know how these guys feel. 

Still would love some snow, though. 

I cannot get over how sweet this family portrait is from Rifle Paper Co. I am actually obsessed with their entire shop. 

This kitchen that I spotted on Pinterest is so fab. The island is to die. The modern stark feel crossed with that rug is fantastic. Not  my first choice for lighting, but I like that they chose a traditional chandelier shape. 

Isn't this idea to use photos as gift tags clever? No one ever actually prints out photos anymore. I am stealing and going to try it out. I will post photos of it once I finish wrapping. 

Worship this idea to do a black painted gallery wall with white frames. Such a clean look and makes great contrast. I would do different sized frames and mix in some color with art or photos. 

Happy weekend friends. 

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