Baking for Good

Are you a big baker? It is hard not to feel bad over the holidays because baking is just not something that I am into. The eating of the baked goods I am super into, so I always find myself buying things or cramming in a sugar cookie assembly session a few days before Christmas. 

There are so many amazing local bakeries here in Chicago, but this one in NYC has me thinking I might be ordering from the East Coast this year. Baking for Good is an amazing small business run by a lovely girl named Emily. She uses local products, makes delicious goods, then gives 15% of the proceeds from your sale to a cause of your choice. Perfect idea for the holidays, right? 

They have some fantastic products, too. 

Who wouldn't want a box of a dozen photo cookies? I am Instagram obsessed, so I am super excited to order those. There are varieties of brownies, sandwich cookies, traditional sugar for every occasion, and even gluten or vegan options. 

When you check out it gives you options of what charity to donate to. A sugar rush and that warm fuzzy feeling of giving back. Perfection. 


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