Weekend's Here

What are you up to this weekend? My schedule is completely open. I plan on making dinners, drinking vino, catching up on some mags, and maybe squeezing in a much needed afternoon nap. Is it weird to already be looking forward to that? 

How amazing did Cameron look at the Gambit premiere in London? Stella McCartney perfection. 

As if my reality television obsession was not overboard enough, Style network is premiering Made in Chelsea. Looks like something that will have me hooked, in the very worst way. 

Been dreaming of this pool and view at Megan Mullally's home

Hello lover. I want you. 

This sweet little print would be fun on a gallery wall from Furbish. Entitled 'Pink Ladies'

I guess I cannot dodge the election subject all week, so let me go out like this....

It was a tight race, which is great. It shows that this country is filled with different views and opinions that we all have the freedom to vote for and express. And though we cannot agree and have done a lot of finger pointing, blaming, and overall bashing over this election, it is time to forget it. Those who were elected are in office now. To do good, we hope. So let's come together and try to get this country to be great again. Whatever party you might be a part of, the bottom line is we all just want to be safe, be prosperous, and set an extraordinary example of democracy for the rest of the world. 

Have a great weekend loves. 


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