The Great Rug Hunt

I am kind of obsessed with looking at rugs online. Mostly because I think that somehow they will magically all come down in price with each new site I look at. Last week, my wish came true. At least a little bit. 

I found the eSaleRugs site from Little Green Notebook, a blog I love. Jenny is a fantastic designer with a good eye, so I knew that if she used the site it was legit. They carry hundreds of different rugs and give you huge discounts. Some are vintage, some are new, and there are plenty of options. 

What I like about it the most is they provide many different pictures of each rug. That way you can really see the pile, any marks the vintage rugs have, the color differences from many angles, and close ups of the patterns. My first purchase was a success, living in my bathroom. 

With pops of pink I could not be more happy when I step in each morning to wash my face. And at just $75 for a 3 x 5 authentic tribal hand tufted rug, there was absolutely no sticker shock. 

Now my rug obsession has moved just to eSaleRugs, but the hunt has become very fun. 



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