Braided Messy Bun

braided messy bun

Top knots and buns make bad (dirty) hair days lovely. Wearing my hair down with a feisty, grabby baby is just not worth it. So I find myself piling my hair on top of my head almost daily. I also have been on the braid train for awhile, so combining my two favorite ways to pretend I did my hair was logical. And as it turns out, pretty. 

1. Gather hair into a high ponytail, using a paddle brush to smooth out any bumps. Secure with a tight elastic. 

2. Tease and "mess up" the pony a bit to give your hair some texture and extra thickness. 

3. Divide hair into three sections and braid. Secure end with a clear elastic

4. Wrap braid around pony tail holder, tucking the end in. Secure with hair pins. 

5. "Rough up" the hair around your face, to make it look more undone. 

The more texture you give your hair, the better! 


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