Weekend Wish: Hyannis Port

Seeing all of the pictures of Taylor Swift and her (too young for her?) Kennedy Crush reminds me of my obsession with John John. I was in love with him and the thought of being a part of an American Legacy. When Carolyn came along I then became obsessed with her and her overly chic, New York style. Though my wardrobe has changed a lot since those adolescent days, I can still dream about weekends in Hyannis Port and what I might be packing. 

1. Gap $55
2. Zoe Karssen $160
3. Viva Time $59
5. J. Crew $250
6. Madewell $89
7. Coach $198
8. Chloe $175
9. TopShop $98
10. Cole Haan $117
11. Kate Spade $298

Happy Weekend! 

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