Destination: Austin

I had the pleasure of visiting Austin for the second time last weekend. I am kind of in love with this town. It is laid back, yet modern, rooted in Texas tradition, yet filled with many from all over the country. Both of my visits were under forty-eight hours, but oh so great. This time around was for a bachelorette party. We stayed in a house that was rented for the weekend and made the most of the weekend with a well planned itinerary celebrating my future sister-in-law, whom I adore. 

Friday night we went to La Condesa for dinner. The tequila shots had spicy tomato chasers, the corn was smothered in mayo, butter and cheese (still dreaming about it), and the set of salsas were delicious and complex. We had a cavernous private room that even had room for a mid-dinner dance party.  

There was even a private bar room with a Foosball table. The restaurant also has two bars and an expansive dining room decorated in a modern and fresh way. 

Afterwards, we headed to sixth street to the Hanger. Bubbly Sofia proseccos and more dancing with the bachelorette's very fun friends. The Hanger also had a great rooftop, which I have learned is the best place to be on a Friday (hot) night in Austin. 

Saturday we hoped on the Cherry Bomb and headed for the Guadalupe River to go tubing. This was a first for me, but despite the low water in the river, this was very fun. Floating along and drinking beers, nothing can be wrong with that. Our gift bags for the weekend were so adorable and included a cowgirl boot koozie, which I plan to use all summer. 

My brother, the groom, surprised the Bachelorette with a delivery of sixteen orders of fries from McDonald's (her favorite). It was a sweet gesture that was a cute way to show he was thinking of her. He used TaskRabbit to get the job done, check it out if you are looking to make a few extra dollars or to find someone to help out with random tasks. 

It was such a fun weekend. My favorite part was getting to know all the friends of my soon to be sister-in-law. They told such sweet stories of the amazing girl that she is, how happy they make each other as a couple, and what a gentleman my brother is. 

I cannot wait until they make it official. 


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  1. Anonymous6.7.12

    Both of my brothers live in Austin - isn't it amazing? Looks like you guys had a great time.



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