Beauty Balm

As I have posted many time before, I am always on the hunt for the perfect product that will cover red marks, acne, wrinkles, basically anything on my face. I want my face to look as perfect as a Kardashian on HD television (seriously, what do they use?!), but without the inch of heavy make up. Really, that is never going to happen. And truth be told, I love products and the more I try the more I like to buy. It is an endless, crazy (expensive) cycle. 

So next up after tinted moisturizers, foundation, and  mineral powders promising the perfect skin, it is time for BB Cream. 

Beauty Balm is a product that first became popular in Asia as a way to correct skin issues, while covering them. They also have antioxidants and SPF. I have tried two brands with great results. What I like best about BB cream is it gives heavy coverage, while staying light on the skin. Bonus is that it is helping to correct the problems that you are trying to cover up. 

Garnier makes a version with SPF 15. The color blends well ( I used Light/Medium) and the light price tag makes it easy to try out with no regret. 

The Boscia version comes in just one shade, which is a tad dark, but works great for the summer. It has SPF of 27 and packed with more to help with correcting skin. 

They both cover well, but I am such a sucker for higher SPF. I plan on trying the Jemma Kid or Stila versions. 

Have you tried any? Which one is your favorite? 



  1. I'm a big fan of BB cream. My mom introduced me to it. She favors the one made by Smashbox. I'm in San Francisco right now and I've been carefully scoping out the cosmetics and skincare offered at Korean and Japanese boutiques. I purchased a lightweight BB cream from the Face Shop, but I've heard from a few of the salespeople that MISSHA makes the best BB cream and balms. Unfortunately, these companies seem to offer up just two shades (natural beige and light beige).

  2. Anonymous21.7.12

    Love the Boscia BB cream. Was worried since there was only one "shade" offering, but it really makes my skin look luminous. Not a small feat (sp?) since I'm 44!! I always wanted the luminous glow of Keri Russel in the series "Felicity." Lol.. silly, I know. Anyway.. like this product! :-)



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