Outdoor Decor

With the interior of the house in a state that I like (for now) and the fact that I have put off decorating until I settle in more, I decided the patio needed a little love. We have a large space to entertain and enjoy and the privacy we have now is fantastic. We moved a patio set that we had at our previous place  and I used a few things I had along with some new items to set up two areas where we can sit, relax, eat, drink, and enjoy the summer. 

I wish I could say I planted those flowers, but picking them up from the local nursery (thanks Mom!) was just as satisfying. The teak bench was a wedding present from our dear friends with a plaque engraved with our wedding date. 

The black set was from our previous house, as well as the umbrella. I found all the fun blue and white cushions from World Market

I am obsessed with these outdoor ottomans. Perfect as a place to rest your legs, a tray for drinks and candles, or another seat. Also from World Market

Did you know you can bring in (sad) pots you already own to your local nursery and they will plant them for you? I did it with the blue pot on the right and had them plant all my favorite herbs. The rosemary tree smells amazing. Need some bigger planters for this entry, but figure this will be great for this summer. 

Now if the temperature can go below ninety-five, I can enjoy it  during the day again. It will be fun to have a party soon and take advantage of the space. 



  1. What pretty spaces! I have some beautiful gazing globes that would add a flair. I really like the cushions and just to see how you arranged things was really helpful. You can really throw some nice parties! Thanks for the article.

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