Coming Home

I have a few quiet moments from the craziness of the last couple weeks to share a peek at what has kept me so busy. I have come full circle and have made the move back to my hometown with my family. It all happened pretty fast and I have hardly even had a chance to enjoy it and breath, until today. I have stopped unpacking boxes, obsessing about the washer that does not work, and the foot printed floors, to just relax and take it in. There is a still a ton to do and I am going to take my time with decorating, but I wanted to share a few glimpses of my favorite things to far. 

Freshly painted shutters

Contrasting Staircase

Vintage looking French fixtures

Dining room set and fixture fit perfectly

Total privacy, so blinds can always be open

Huge storage closet off kitchen for stock, gadgets, linens, cookbooks... 

Wood burning fireplace in the kitchen

Sunny utility room 

Tub with a view

There will be a few big projects to share (refinishing the basement), a ton of decorating, and the rearranging of furniture to fit the new space. I am going to take my time this time around and not make any hurried decisions (super hard to not want to finish everything right away, so type A!) and I promise to share all the steps along the way. 

The girls from NEAT Method are coming today to get after my closet, which needs serious help. Can't wait to share with you what they do with the space. 



  1. It's perfection, love everything! Congrats on your beautiful home!

  2. Your house is SOOOO CUTE! I'm really loving all of the vintage and old-fashioned touches!

  3. Your house looks amazing! What is the name of the color you painted the shutters??

    1. I do not know! Sorry! They are a very deep dark hunter green.



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