Bringing Home Some Upper East Side

I have been watching more television than I would like to admit. Between being sick and the colder weather, I am well caught up on my DVR and have embarrassingly got pulled into watching some really bad reality TV via VH1. You know who you are Basketball Wives. 

Luckily, there are new episodes of some of my favorite shows waiting in my DVR box each morning. One of which is Gossip Girl. 

I have been a loyal fan from the beginning. And while the story lines are getting a bit redundant and possibly cliche, I love tuning in to see what Blair and Serena will be wearing, what NYC spot they are hitting and how the set will be decorated. 

Truly, between the fashion and the decor, there is always a ton of fun inspiration each week. And let's not forget the life lessons we learn (ie: try not to hook up with your ex right before being proposed to by a prince). 

Take a look at this snippet of set and the beautiful painting. 

Gossip Girl lets us into a fantasy world, which is why we love it. My fantasy is that I own that painting and it sits above my four poster bed in my Manhatten penthouse, where I eat macaroons in bed and online shop all afternoon. 

While we can all dream, a piece of Manhattan's elite is probably not in the cards. What we can do is look to Etsy and see what artists that we can afford might be able to contribute to our own sets at home. 

I found some great paintings...

1. afiori $30
3. AustinMScott $30
And some beautiful photographs...

3. ElleMoss $40
5. MetOperaShop $80 (LOVE)

And you can bet your Blackberry that these price tags are ions lower than anything Lily has on her fab walls. 

Can't wait for next week's episode and some more inspiration (ie: Is Blair having Chuck's baby?!). 


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  1. These look so enchanting and mesmerizing, would love to have one as such, they really look fascinating and delightful..



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