Weekend Wish: The Power of Iceland

To say my skin has been "acting out" recently would be a huge understatement. While I take measures to avoid breakouts according to the recommendations of my dermo, it seems that these strong products are not doing the trick.

My husband recently went to Iceland and brought back an Icelandic Silica Mud Mask from the Blue Lagoon. Like most people on the planet, I know next to nothing about Iceland except that they have hot springs. Which is where this magic mud is found.

So my wish is this weekend is that this magical mask calms my skin and brings me back to a face that does include pimples.

In my first attempts at this super silky mask, I did notice that it makes your skin uber-soft and from what it claims to do, detoxifies all of your pores. It begins in a creamy texture and then dries to a chalky layer that is easy to wash off.

The mask is hypoallergenic, free of colors and fragrance, and dermo tested. Here's to hoping that this mask can clear up and clean out my skin. 

If you are looking for other ways to bring a little Iceland home, I have heard great things about the Skyn Iceland brand that uses ancient glacier waters in all of its products.

Have a great and fabulous skin filled weekend! 


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