Met Ball 2011: Best & Worst Dressed

As if the Royal wedding did not give us enough content to pour over and criticize, the Met Ball was held last night in NYC. This event brings out the best in haute couture and I love to see which ladies take some risks. 

Let's start with the worst dressed, and I have to say they all came in pairs...

Photos: People.com

Sorry, Marchesa, it is time to put down the glue gun. These first two couples look like vintage wedding prints from 1988. And Juliana's Burberry just looks sad.  This dress looks too old and too cheap for such a pretty girl. Let's also pause to point out that Seacrest is perched above her on the step, coincidence? 

Man, I am kind of mean today...

Let's get to the best. I had a hard time narrowing it down as there were so many great looks. Overall, the styling of these were my favorite. 

Photos: People.com

The qualities I like in a lot of these looks is the restraint in the accessories. The dresses are speaking the loudest, not the jewels, shoes, or bags. There is also a great mix of modern style with a touch of throwback from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. 

You are probably wondering why Iman is on here, I mean who else could wear that gold jumpsuit on the planet and look chic? I think it is fantastic. Ashley Olsen also took a risk with those sleeves, and I have to say between the fit of the dress and the absence of jewelry, she can pull it off. 

Kate looks like a glam earth goddess, perfect for her bump. 

Hailee is perfection and she is only a teenager. Her stylist needs to call up Juliana and help that girl out. 

Naomi looks so glamorous and yet, so comfortable. As does Liv (the only one to pull off white) and Gwyneth (who just looks rockin). Love that. 

I heart Zoe's collar necklace, love it with the yellow dress.

Dianna has on a classic look, but the gold cuff and sleek hair are perfect with the dress. Love the red.

The beading and slit of Diana K's dress with the vintage waves and red lip are gorgeous. She just looks like a movie star, as she should.

And what can I say about Gisele other than she knows how to wear couture and still look like she just threw it on after a day at the beach. So dramatic, yet so simple. Her date is not bad looking either.

What do you think?



  1. kelly3.5.11

    DYING for Diane Kruger. Love her.


  3. I know, don't you just love her? The slit in that driers makes it and the red lips.

  4. leigh3.6.11

    Diane Kruger!! she always looks perfect.



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