Blissed Out On Oxygen

I apologize for my delay in posts, but my hosting site was down and in combination with a fun filled weekend in Philly (post to come soon) it was just not happening.

But there is something great to share today that was the perfect refresher after my trip.

If you have ever had the pleasure of getting Bliss Spa's Triple Oxygen Facial, you know that there really is no other like it. Your skin feels like it has been plugged in and recharged with a dose of some serious anti-aging and whatever-makes-your-skin-glow-like-that ingredients.

Now we all can't afford to be like Jennifer and Reese and hit up the spa on a weekly basis (lucky girls), let alone more than the occasional treat. What we can do is find a close replacement we can administer in the comfort of our own, luxurious in it's own way, bathrooms. Bliss is actually giving us something that comes close to the real thing and I am obsessed with it. Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask.

You simply apply to clean, damp skin and watch as the thick foam goes to work. It rids skin of toxins, cleans pores, and injects a ton of healthful oxygen into your face. After 5 minutes you wash it off and apply your normal toner and moisturizer. The bottle is huge and will last for many applications.

Your skin will feel smooth, refreshed and energized as promised. This is such a great way to get a quick trip to the spa in for less time, less money and great results.

PS: Bliss also makes a Triple Oxygen Eye Mask that is fantastic. I used it on my wedding day after a long and fun rehearsal dinner night. Keep it cold in the fridge, pop on in the morning and watch those dark circles disappear.

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