Something about this photo just calms me. The colors, the way the water is moving, the softness of the sand, just puts me in a place of peace. I took this recently on a trip to the Caribbean while casually snapping away and entertaining myself. I took about forty pictures and maybe four were worth keeping, since I am no master of photography. The act of trying to capture how perfect that time and place was is impossible. I just snapped away and let the images sit, until I was back in the cold and wishing I was still there.

Now looking at this one, I am. Breeze blowing in my hair, sand sprinkled on my legs, sun warm on my shoulders, and no sounds but the water crawling up the beach. The best part about the photo to me is that no one is in it. Don't get me wrong, I love pictures of smiling loved ones. But for some reason, this one is just better faceless.

When trying to fill empty walls and no budget for works of others, I found the best way to remember moments like this and turn it into art. For a couple of dollars Kodak Gallery will blow up your charming little picture to poster size and ship it to you. Then, you can either buy a ready to hang frame or bring to your local framer and make it your own personal Ansel Adams. The quality is unreal and you can hang in a place that it can be enjoyed.

I plan to blow this picture up and put it above my desk. It will create some inspiration and a great way to relax even in the darkest, coldest of days.


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