Super Sunscreen

As a former (sometimes current) sun worshiper, I know that I have a lot of reversing to do. The hours and hours I spent laying in the sun over my life are for sure going to kick me in the face sometime soon. I have been searching for the perfect sunscreen for some time. I have tried pretty much all the major brands, sampled everything from the cheapie bottles at the drugstore to the uber-expensive brands that supposedly keep JLo forever young. For me it is especially hard since my skin is combination and tends to get oily with every sunscreen. You know what I am talking about, that shininess you have after applying that is less "runway-ready dewy" and more "pass the powder." When the man at the Kiehl's counter told me try some of this Super Fluid, I was already writing it off since I was pretty sure the perfect sunscreen did not exist. I shook the bottle, dabbed a few drops on my hand and then the miracle happened. The fluid soaked in quickly, left no residue and had a matte finish that no other brand has been able to do. Best part is that you apply right over your favorite moisturizer and you don't feel the heft of any sunscreen. Thank you Kiehl's for protecting me from the sun and a lifetime of a not so cute shiny face.


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