Current Favorites

Finally the last week of January and we can crawl right out of it and whatever dark cloud it brings. It seems it is different for everyone, but seasonal depressions are a thing. It can be the smallest sad feelings to the largest heavy ones, so recognize it, accept it, and figure out what you need to feel brighter. 
For me, it really comes down to a little extra self care, putting my phone down more, and hanging with my family. So that is the current formula and I will say I have been staying on the upswing. 
Here are some other fun things that give some brightness to these gray days...

1. These leggings are so fun and unbelievably soft. This brand might be one of my new favorites. (bonus, there are 50% off!)
2. I randomly tried bought this shampoo and conditioner at Target to switch up my usual Pantene and it has definitely improved my hair. I got it based solely on how nice the packaging was btw! ha
3. New luggage is on my wish list and I have been looking at all the brands. I am really loving this trunk shape in a faux croc
4. Picking paint is HARD. And trying to paint samples on your walls is even harder, but these new stick on samples are amazing. They make them in every paint brand and color and let you easily try out different colors without any mess. 
5. I love this woven tote for the beach and excited to get to one very soon. 
6. I missed out on getting Apple EarPods pro and decided to try out some Amazon ones in the mean time. These are SO GOOD. Stay in during workouts and noise cancelling to block out the nonsense. 
7. I posted about this lotion before, but it deserves another mention. It keeps my dry winter skin so soft and the fact it is made with clean ingredients is such a bonus. 
8. Hyaluronic Acid is all the rage for skin care and many of the beauty brands are offering serums, but they are spendy. I decided to try The Ordinary brand that it seems every millennial is loving and I have to say I am shocked at the quality given the incredibly low price tag. I smoosh some on my face when my skin is feeling extra dry. 
9. I am so sad that I binged Cheer so fast! It was so good and took me back to my dance days a bit. Watching while working out is a huge motivator btw! 



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