Simple Steps to a Nighttime Make Up Look

I don't know if this just comes with age, but mostly I am over make up. I really focus on skincare and achieving bright, clear skin that needs nothing over covering things up. Which by the way, is impossible, but we are all trying, right? 
Most days I stick with a face oil, a tinted spf, a quick eyelash curl, and maybe a little concealer if things need a little help. Plus, a little swipe of bronzer so I do not resemble Wednesday Adams in the dead of winter. 
  But if in the off chance I have a night out where I am in the mood for make up, this is the routine I usually go with. Not too many products, just things I know work really well and are not trying too hard. 
I posted a video of how I do it on Instagram stories and will keep them in my highlighted section of my bio too if you want to see how I do it. And I promise it is foolproof! 
1. I apply this face oil to moisturize and get things plumped up. / 2. Then I add a few drops of this foundation serum that is so light, yet skin blurring you will not believe it. / 3. I dab on concealer under my eyes, nose, and any blemishes. / 4. A dab of this blush gets blended with my finger for the perfect flush / 5. If my skin needs more help, I use a little of this foundation powder to cover / 6. I tame brows with this gel / 7. I brush on bronzer all the places the sun would hit me on vacay / 8. The best eyelash curler there ever was is a must / 9. I apply this easy as pie eyeliner to my water line / 10. I use this kohl liner in mink above my lashes, then a cream eye shadow stick on top, then blend with my finger for a smokey look / 11. I do not skimp on the mascara piling on as much as humanly possible / 12. Then I add in a lip, like this matte pencil that I smudge with my fingers. 

I added the brushes I use below if you need those! 

Ta-Da! Just add tequila and you have yourself a night, girl. 

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  1. I love the simplicity of this look! The make-up enhances your natural beauty!



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