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This week I made a conscious effort to slow down. Most of that is possible because I was super organized with the busy things so the free time was well plotted. I started using this planner pad and it really helped me with my week. That mixed with an uncluttered weekend makes for a smooth transition into Monday and I am into it. I could do without the seasonal allergies, but nothing a little bourbon and honey can't solve. Here are some of my favorites this week...

1. Made a trip to Zara and picked up this Poplin dress and I LOVE. 
2. Plowed right through The Politician on Netflix this week and it is everything. The characters! The Sets! The Plots! So good. Also listening to the soundtrack on Spotify. You'll thank me later. 
3. Sooo I know this Vitner's Daughter Serum is crazy expensive, but I can say that after three weeks I notice an actual difference in my skin. It also smells incredible and slathering it on in the morning is the perfect moisturizer before sunscreen. For a more budget friendly version, the reviews for this one are awesome. 
4. I love simple recipes that take a basic ingredient to a level you never knew it could get to. Cabbbage being something we do not usually crave, you would think making an entire soup out of it would be insane. But I made this Cozy Cabbage Soup with Farro by Smitten Kitchen and I tucked into like a blanket on a cold day. 
5. I bought this pajama set from Nordstrom and it is SO similar to the Eberjay set that is more than double the price! So soft and washes well. 
6. I installed this outdoor rug last week and it is gorgeous. It is a sisal, but with a texture that gives an oushak vibe. Would be just as good inside as it is inside. Especially layered with a smaller vintage rug! The price is amazing too. 
7. My favorite summer dress now comes in a fall print and I cannot tell you how flattering it is. Nips exactly in the right place and the puff sleeves are obviously the best part. 
8. My neck party is getting more attention with this little gold heart pendant added in. It is such a fun longer piece to layer with my shorter delicate necklaces. (psst.. it is super budg friendly too)
9. I have a son who refuses to learn to tie his shoes but is also wearing a giant shoe size that no longer comes in a velcro option. (insert eye roll) So amazon to the rescue and these bungee shoe ties. Easy to lace in any shoe and tighten up. One day we will tackle it, but for now I do not care enough to push it. 

Have A Great Week! 
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