Weekly Favorites

This week finally felt like things were settling in. The morning routines, the bustling afternoons, the early bedtimes. And while the open spaces between drop off and pick up has been glorious, is it sad to say I miss those littles more than I thought?! 
Even more this year than any other. It must be the bigness of them that feels to have sprung on me so quickly it makes my heart ache. 
Do not get me wrong, the freedom of the school day is being well used and very much enjoyed. I hope your Fall is off to a good start and you are enjoying every minute of it. Even the ones feel a little lonely without your sidekicks. 
Here are some favorite things this week. 

1. Zara is SO good right now. Picked up this sweet sweater this week. 
2. I am in full binge mode with Victoria. She wears nothing but puff sleeves, so I guess she is also my style inspiration and I did not even know it! 
3. Finally ordered this serum with a serious cult following. All natural and supposed to be life changing. I plan on slathering on each morning. Will keep you posted...
4. I am SO picky when it comes to booties, they are just not flattering on me. BUT, I am dying to try a white pair and these might be the exact profile to make it worth it. Under $100! 
5. I am making this Lemon Feta dip with tomato vinaigrette this weekend and cannot wait to dive in. 
6. This lime popcorn is crazy addictive and a new grocery store staple. 
7. My Reformation jeans are my most worn and most asked about. Full blown stiff denim mom jeans and I am here for it! ha
8. I get pretty GOOP-y in my car by listening to the podcast and now they have upped the ante by including a Goop beauty podcast each week. I LOVED the one interviewing NYC's top Dermo. 
9. Fun fact, I do not own a belt. So strange and it is time for one. I have always loved this Isabel Marant one
10. Hanna Andersson is having a huge back to school sale. 40-50% off. I snatched a bunch of things for the kids and new pjs of course. 
11. This charming dining chair combines two of my favorite elements, caning and natural wood tone. They are a great price too! 
12. While you can't win every tennis match, you can always feel like a winner when wearing leopard tennis shoes. At least that is what I am telling myself. 


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