My Current Skin Routine and What I Am Adding in for Summer (for the littles too!)

The battle to fight wrinkles, lighten dark spots, ease redness, and fight adult acne (THE WORST!) continues. And now with summer here, extra sun protection is a must. I am trying to have a less is more approach by finding products that are effective and results can be seen fairly quickly.  Cleanse, tone, moisturize, and protect are the simple steps I am using currently and my skin is into it. 
The kids skin and hair is also in need of lots of extra attention from the sun and pool, so I load up on these to keep on hand all summer long. 

1. Cerave is my tried and true cleanser. It gets your face really clean, but is also gentle. 
2. I also love cleansing with micellar water! So gentle, but effective. I use it a lot when my skin does need quite as much of a clean or needs a more calming cleanse. 
3. I tone (pat, pat, pat) with Biologique Recherch√© P50. The price tag is bananas, but it is incredible. If you do not tone, you need to! This Glossier toner is also great and much more budget friendly. 
4. Cerave moisturizer plumps up skin but is so gentle and calming. 
5. I do not wash my face in the morning. I throw on some lotion and then Elta sunscreen. I like the tinted one, but it also comes in clear. It works so well, calms skin, and evens out skin tone just a hint. 
6. Another investment, but totally worth it, is this eye cream. It plumps up and smooths out the damage that I have already done (i.e. AZ sunbathing for years with no SPF! ugh) while preventing it from getting worse. 
7. I love this drugstore hero for a smooth and realistic tan without the sun damage. 
8. For face tanning, I swipe tan towels and then use my hands to blend it in well. Avoid your hairline and make sure to blend it down your neck and chest. 
9. My hair texture changes in the summer a lot. I comb styling cream into my hair and it is so much smoother whether I blow dry or not. Usually not. 
10. My lips tend to get a lot of melasma in the summer, you know that lip liner effect? Spf lip balm fights it and these smell just like summer.
11. This oil sunscreen is awesome and so moisturizing! 
12. Everyone has a spray sunscreen in their bags for the summer. Easy to apply for the kids! 
13. Mary gets the worst green hair from the pool, so this shampoo and conditioner is a must. 
14. Reapplying sunscreen at the pool on kids is impossible. Love Wetskin Sticks for an easy way to reapply while kids are still wet. 
15. This sunscreen powder is a lifesaver. It works for hours, is sweat proof, and waterproof! It is the easiest way to reapply and with a little tint it is great for outdoor events over make up. 
16. If green hair still appears on Mary, I use these crystals to wash out the tint. It is magic! 

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