Game Set Style

I am so excited to share an amazing woman founded Chicago business with you, Game Set
We all are wearing active wear round the clock these days and Game Set has an amazingly curated selection to get you through your work outs and your day. 

Leggings / Jacket (obsessed with both of these)

Founded by a mom of two, the site carries brands from across the globe so the selection is different than any other site. 

And because she loves so many different sports, they carry items for all types of indoor and outdoor sports. From yoga to spin, paddle to golf. 
I can say from experience that the quality is amazing and the items are delivered so fast. 

I love both these pieces so much. The texture and fit of the shirt is awesome. 

Here are some looks I put together from the site. Let's just say I want it ALL! 

Leggings / Bra / Sweatshirt (LOVE)

Barrington locals! Game Set is having a pop-up shop at Tensile Strength Studio (in Foundry) on Friday, April 5th 9:30am-11:30am. I will be there after class and cannot wait to check everything out in person! See you there! 


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