Current Favorites

We are deep into Spring Break season. Are you away? 
We are staycationing it this week and so far it has been great. Not having to get everyone ready to leave in the morning is my favorite part. Pajamas til noon! whoohoo
Enjoy your time off wherever you may be and bring some hot temps home with you. 
In the meantime, here is what I am loving right now. 

1. Been looking for a new light jacket for Spring and love this sweet one. Also comes in green. 
2. I love switching up rugs for the new season. The colors of this are SO good. And the price is awesome. 
3. How great is this enamel address sign? Makes any home feel special and a little parisian. 
4. This Glossier Wowder is magic, you guys. It is like you sweep on an insta filter without any heaviness. Just a light powder to blur any imperfections. 
5 My winter slippers are gross. These would be the perfect upgrade. 
6. I am all about the day dress right now. This one will be in heavy rotation as soon as the temp rises above 60. 
7. I am huge Goop Podcast fan. (gwyneth's voice is crazy soothing) I LOVED this episode with Dax Shepard. Never would have thought I would be a fan of his, but I am obsessed with him now. 
8. I am sucker for big dark shades and the price of these is bananas. They are SO good. 
9. I bought these all weather, self watering planters last year on Amazon and am going to get more for my patio. They require no maintenance, look expensive, and a nursery planting fits right in. 


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