4 Winter Trends You Can Actually Wear

As we see all of the trends roll in each season, it can be tough to actually implement them. Many come and go and I do not given them a second thought. But some come that are fun or special enough to work their way in. 

This winter the four that I am sporting, in small doses of course, are faux fur coats, headbands, puff sleeve tops, and the almost dad sneaker. 

The faux fur coat is really just an excuse to look and feel your absolute coziest. The faux furs are SO so soft and are coming in the sweetest colors and cuts. 

I am currently channeling Blair Waldorf on the reg and I am LOVING it. A headband is a great way to get another day out of a hair wash and a fun way to jazz up the boring winter uniform of leggings and sweaters. 

The puff sleeve is one of my favorites in awhile, BUT beware of the too puffy shirt. I am talking a sweet little puff of the shoulder and not a while lot else, ladies. 

And lastly, the dad sneaker. Look, I am not on board with the crazy chunky pairs. But I can get on board with a pair of sneakers that can give me a little lift with a retro feel. 

Here are a few of each of these cute trends that are easily added into your closet. Make sure you are following me on Instagram as I will be posting more outfits sporting these fun trends. 

1.  Faux Fur Coat, comes in other colors $148 / 2. Knotted Headband, comes in lots of colors $18 / 3. Sweet Striped Puff Sweater $88 / 4.  Leopard Bow Headband $10 / 5. White Reeboks $75 / 6. Pink Nikes $130 / 7. Off the Shoulder Sweater $98 / 8. Velvet Puff Sleeve Top $18  / 9. Twisted Headband $25 / 10. Oversized Coat $130 / 11. Navy Sneakers $80 / 12. Leopard Coat $128 / 13. Pearl Headband $150 / 14. Pink Faux Fur Coat $168 / 15. Striped Puff Sleeve Sweater $180 / 16. Platform Pumas $80



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