Current Favorites

This last weekend it really did feel like the world was coming alive again.
 Fresh breeze, birds chirping, cold rosé, tired kids after hours outside. 
So good. 
Finding maximum happiness in those moments helps fuel through the rest of the week and appreciate them so much more. Spring, I am feeling you. 
In addition to happiness in moments, there are a few things that are bringing a bit of sunshine as well. 

1. These Le Specs are making me look so much cooler at school pick ups. 
2. If you drink red wine, WineBlock is your new best friend. Simple slather a little on your teeth and lips and never worry about wine mouth again. Bonus that they are giving Imperfect Polish readers 10% off with code IMPO10
3. Currently living in these super flattering high waisted, cropped, kick hem jeans. Get them quick, they sell out. 
4. Target NAILS IT with this tank. I own it in every color and it honestly lays and feels better than my most expensive tees. Great tucked in or not. Buy 1 get 1 50% off this week too! 
5. This sweater blazer comes in so many colors and pulls together any outfit immediately. 
6. Just finished this book and loved it. Set in a posh long island coastal town, you get transported to the life and lies of a wealthy family. 
7. I have single handedly eaten this entire jar of salsa this week. Guys, I am not kidding it is the BEST. They also sell it at Costco. 
8. I am always looking for iPad alternates for the car and beyond. These boogie boards have been a big hit. Great birthday present too for any you have coming up. 
9. Sweaters are still getting a lot of play and this defuzzer is giving them new life. I even used it on some of my knit upholstered furniture. 
10. And if you are looking for a Netflix binge, Retribution was a good one. Set in a gorgeous Scottish setting, two families deal with death, lies, and relationships. 


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