Let's Party

While the winter uniform of sweater, leggings, and cozy boots will always be a favorite. One of the biggest perks of the season is getting all dolled up for a festive party. It is probably because we tend to hunker down a bit as it gets colder and dressing up takes a major backseat to Netflix and slippers. Plus, the options get extra glam and lux with soft fabrics and extra embellishment. This is a huge round up for every dress code currently in your inbox. From black tie to office party, it is time to get merry and bright. 

Black Tie and Formal
1. Drapey Velvet $425 / 2. Love this wine one shoulder $103 / 3. Green goddess $395 / 4. Ruffles for days $249 / 5. Sequins and bows $298 (comes in other colors)

When it calls for cocktail 

6. Lady in lace $108 / 7. Flutter sleeve red $60  / 8. Velvet jumpsuit $138 / 9. Knockout green $269 / 10. Silky ruffles $159

And for Any occasion in between 
1. Flowy ruffles $206 / 2. Smart black $84 / 3. Metallic drop waist $82 / 4. Wine colored velvet $395 / 5. Modern green $295



  1. i like your all designee and work, it is very beautiful

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