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Hi! Posts have been beyond sporadic, which I loathe. During any down time I love to check on my favorite sites to see if there is new content and it is a total bummer when there is not. So it kind of breaks my heart that you are coming on here and there is nada to read. I have yet to find my fall rhythm and thinking next week I might have a grasp (anyone else still figuring it out, too?) . Which in turn will hopefully turn into more posts. There are home posts in the works as well as closet clean out advice, so keep checking back. I will get it together, promise. ha

In the meantime, here are a few things that are doing me some good this week...

1. I want to live in this sweater. Also, this and this are super cute. 
2. This bag just came and it is the perfect hue for the colder months. Comes in other colors and sizes too. 
3.There is a lot of pumpkin bread and muffins on heavy rotation already. 
4. Glossier just came out with body wash and lotion. I cannot wait to try it. 
5. In the hopes of better organization, a pretty planner. This one has these last months of 2017 in it thank goodness.  ha
6. Another genius way to use sunscreen with this. After you apply make up, spritz this amazing smelling spray over your face and it sets your make up as well as gives you 50 spf protection. Also super easy to reapply. I have an extra one in my car
7. Game night just got way more fun with this oldie but goodie
8. In need of a basic, but chic rain coat. Love this one and it comes in other colors, including olive. And this one in white is cute. 
9. Super excited for this cozy, fun slides to arrive. 


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