New Bedtime Routine

While Summer has been nothing but sweet, it has also been plenty of busy. By the end of the day there is nothing more that I would like than a great nights sleep so I can repeat all that sweetness. So in an effort to make bedtime a bit better, I made some upgrades. 

The sheets that I ordered from Brooklinen are divine. Cool and soft and just the right weight. Obsessed and worth every penny. 
I have always been an eye mask girl and ordered my third anti-aging set which always helps with that early morning light (now if only I can do something about the birds). 
My hands and feet have been ravaged by Summer and this Avene Hand cream is divine. 
Lastly, I splurged on some silk Pjs. But these are washed silk because I live in the real world. They are so light and airy, plus show just enough skin for your man but appropriate enough to be seen in by my kids. 

Do you have any bedtime routine loves right now? 

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