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You know what might be one of my biggest regret in life? Laying in the sun and getting tan way beyond my Irish heritage should allow, until I was just brown enough to head on over to the tanning salon. At the time it felt so good and I thought looked so good (it didn't). Now I want to cry for my aging self and the battle of reversing it all. You could say this is what sparks my insane product interest and the motivation to try it all. 

Not that I do not enjoy being a bit sun kissed, because I find nothing wrong with that (in moderation of course). But only if I have slathered sunscreen on all day and somehow the sun gods have found a way. Is that wrong? (insert cringing emoji) 

After being in the sun a few weeks, I wanted to share my current arsenal. Both for me and the kids. 

1. This Coola sunscreen is made with almost all organic products and smells divine. Also comes in a SPF 50 Sport lotion. They all smell like vacation heaven. 
2. I WORSHIP this Sunscience Mineral Sunscreen Powder. First of all it is SPF 50, second it is water proof and lasts forever, and it gives you a little coverage to even out your skin. 
3. These little Neutrogena sticks for the kids face were perfect pool side. I could reapply without having to make sure they were dry. I used it fairly often as well. 
4. I starting seeing a dark line on my top lip (melasma) and thought it very uncool. This is a lip screen that can even go over lipstick from Supergoop
5. I have been looking for a lightweight sunscreen that doesn't leave a white mask. This one does that and it is formulated for sensitive skin and should help with redness. Elta MD
6. I went through two of these Supergoop cans in Florida. Easy to spray on the kids and not one red spot in sight. 

What do you swear by in the sun? Would love to hear! 

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