Weekend in AZ

Last weekend in AZ was perfect. With great company you could really be anywhere, but the desert makes it even better. 

We stayed at the Saguaro in Old Town Scottsdale, which had a modern southwest vibe. The pool was a bit tired, but the decor was bright and fun. The food was also delicious and the rooms were nice. It was nice to be in a place where you could walk and grab coffee and breakfast in the morning. Plus everything we did was just a short uber away. 

We went to Sumo Maya for dinner and it was insanely delicious. Lots of fun things to try with an Asian Mexican twist. We hung out with the college kids at El Hefe after. We had that crowd by a decade, but ruled the dance floor. The second night we went to Grazie for pizza and wine which was the perfect second night activity. Chill and lots of pies to sample. 

48 hours with this crew is just not enough. 
ps: The dress I am wearing above is on super sale in white. Loved it. 

It is no secret I love a good braid and I tried this milk maid look while I was there and loved it. Simple as can be, but looks extra special. Simple part hair into two sections and braid two pigtails and secure with clear elastics. Pin up one side with hair pins to secure. Then wrap over the second side hiding the others end and tucking in the seconds tail under the first braid. 


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  1. Erin! When you posted this photo on Instagram I 100% thought it was a throw back....that's how little you have changed in what, 10 years? My goodness. Cheers to great genes and glad you had fun!



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