Best & Worst Dressed: BAFTAs + Grammys

To say that the BAFTAs (Oscars of UK) and the Grammys are different style wise is a a huge under statement. You won't find crop tops and see through anything in London, it is much more buttoned up and proper. So it is fun to be able review these two red carpets together form last night's festivities. 

BAFTAs first…

By far the stand out of the night were these two. His hair is awful, but her dress is so so lovely.

The other best dressed of the night. Kristen Scott Thomas looks like a real lady. Amy Adams's hair is strange, but this dress is gorg. I do not know who this lady in white is, but I love it. And Julianne is channeling a little of her Boogie Nights days and its fantastic. 

These train wrecks on the other hand. Again, not sure who this is on the left, but how do you walk a red carpet in something like this??! Alice Eve (otherwise known as Charlotte's nanny on SATC) is so so pretty, this dress swallows her whole and her hair and make up are not great. Natalie Dormer, what are those gloves? And the seams? Too much lace, too much everything, and that side smirk is getting really old. 

Now onto the craziness of the Grammys. 

Though they may call Beyonce the Queen (or does she call herself that?), Rihanna is seriously dethroning her year after year. 

This will be a either a love it or hate it moment, but I freaking LOVE it. This is from one of my favorite collections from Paris (Giambattista Valli) and it makes such a statement on a carpet where statements are usually made with less clothes, not more. Her hair and make up also is flawless. Best dressed for sure. 

Some other ladies that got it right as well..

Miranda looks polished, but cool. Beyonce is kind of a snooze, but looks great. While I am totally on the fence with the color of Taylor's dress, I like the overall look for her. Keith's hair kills me, but they always look like such a great couple. How does Nicole not age?! 

The length of Gwen's jumpsuit is a tad short, but otherwise I worship it. Miley bugs SO bad, but this dress is just enough naked to look good and not trashy. Katy is looking pretty in her fringe. Rita Ora is the only person who can pull this off and I love her platinum pixie. 

Chrissy pretty much kills it every red carpet. She looks great in white. Zendaya's (pretty sure I have that wrong) could be bad, but I like the 70s vibe and that she took a risk. Needs to lose that lipstick stat. Cool girl Anna could use some more jewels, but I love the tux. And Iggy's crown is horrid, but that dress is gorgeous  on her. Lots of cut outs last night done well. 

Now the horror section…

Kim's look could be really cool, but it looks too much like a bath robe and those hip pockets are unflattering. Madge! Love you lady, but this is straight up ugly. Like not even cool in anyway. Ciara shows us the wrong side of volume compared to Rihanna's amazingness. Too much. Everywhere. And while I wish that I could rock a skin tight green jumpsuit at 70, This is WAY too much for Jane. You have to give her props though. 

Katherine is trying to "get back into the scene" and a wrinkled cheesy dress with horrible hair is not going to get you there, lady. Lady Gaga's dress could be great. But the fit on top and that necklace between her boobs is just too much and unflattering. It is so hard to wear a sheer skirt without looking cheesy. Megan crossed that line and I bet her stylists did not do the full flash test and it looked great when she got ready. Chris Brown, looking even more the part as lady beater with that nasty goatee and slobbish tux. That hat. ugh

Pharrel and his girl really made a statement last year. And this year Pharrel went with shorts again and his girl prefers camel toe. Yep, I said it. Mandy Moore should be toasting her divorce when she sees her ex in this tight Canadian tuxedo. Wow. And wtf was this Jonas brother thinking with this? Clearly he thinks it is a great look for the ladies. It is mind boggling. Last but not least, Kanye. I could have maybe got behind this velvet number, I have a weakness for it, but with cowboy boots? Or whatever those are? Plus that pose, it is a worst. 

Dying to know what you all think! Especially on Rihanna! 


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  1. Rihanna looked FLAWLESS. That color, paired with her hair and make up......she just looked so fresh and youthful and fun. I want that dress!



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