Happy Shivering Halloween!

If you live or have lived in the Midwest, you know that almost inevitably the weather will be terrible for Halloween. It is so cruel given that every kid I knew growing up had to endure many a Halloween with their adorable costume covered up with a giant puffy coat and their chosen identity for the night unrecognizable. Somehow our parents still braved the weather so we could collect all those Reese's cups and Starburst, thank God for them. 

But now I am one of them. Though my kids are still too young to know if they even missed trick or treating, I know they cannot. Even when the high today is 45 and snow is in the forecast. 

So bundle up super Mom and Dad. It is our turn to endure the weather. Our parents did it for us. 

As my Dad always says, "There is nothing like sleet on Halloween." 


photo via: the city spot

1 comment:

  1. Loved this post….! I mean we shouldn't be shocked by it but honestly?! It's supposed to snow from 4-6...this is ridiculous. Good luck stay warm Erin!



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