Family Photo: What To Wear

Family photo taking season is upon us. While fun to set up and get the proofs from, it can be a little tough to put together a look for the entire family. I think these groups just nailed it. 

While I do not have anything against matching outfits (I have actually seen it done well. Rarely though), it is better to stick to a cohesion as opposed to straight up uniformity. I put together some groupings so you could see what I mean. 

Other rules of thumb are be careful with your prints, stick with clothes that fit really well to your frame, and wear body smoothing undergarments (aka spanx and smoothing tanks). That way you are comfortable moving around and wrangling the kids while they take the pictures. 

I broke the options down by their theme/dress code with a little boy and girl option to go with the parents. 

If you are doing a more formal sitting, then a cocktail dress you can sport to parties/weddings one the season is perfect. I kept the rest of the family in the same color story of navy, gray/silver, and white. 
 1. Alice + Olivia $396 / 2. J. Crew $405  / 3. J. Crew $128 / 4. Gap $60 / 5. Gap $9 / 6. Gap $26 / 7. Gap $24

We have all seen the families with the white shirts and black pants photo. This is a different take. Again, staying with the theme but breaking it up so it is not too matchy. Pair the girls tunic with leggings and boys sweater with jeans. 
1. J. Crew $98 / 2. Koral $159 / 3. J. Crew $128 / 4. J. Crew $155 / 5. Gap $44 / 6. Gap $39

Choosing a color to work around is not a bad idea. Just pick several hues and mix in at least one pattern. 
1. BB Dakota $65 / 2. J. Crew $88 / 3. J. Crew $69 / 4. Old Navy $12 / 5. J. Crew $39

Another example, this time in green and gray. 
1. Bailey 44 $174 / 2. J. Crew $118 / 3. J. Crew $69 / 4. Zara $35 / 5. Boden $30 

This is what I call "Everyone is dressed for Fall." Chunky knits, warm colors, and denim. 
1. Etienne Marcel $209 (wear with tights) / 2. J. Crew $98 / 3. J. Crew $155 / 4. J. Crew $48 (wear with leggings) / 5. Gap $44

Most likely you will base everyone's pieces off of yours. Right? So this for example shows you that by just adding in a color from your dress to the group and adding one more with pop, everything sort of mixes perfectly. 
1. Maison Scotch $120 / 2. J. Crew $98 / 3. J. Crew $69 / 4. Gap $44 / 5. Zara $19

And if you are headed outside in the cold to take your photos, try and coordinate your outwear. Yours should have a belt of fit as close to the body as possible. It is more flattering. I love this black and gray set so much. 
1. BB Dakota $144 / 2. J. Crew $520 / 3. Patagonia $114  / 4. Gap $44

I hope this helps you with some inspiration for your family photos. Really just work around a color or set of colors and you should be set. The most important piece of advice I have is to wear things you would wear normally. Everyone wants their pictures to be as natural as they possibly can be, they always turn out better. 


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