Weekend Wants

Great news, the baby turned! Thank you for all your emails and comments about getting her to turn and your encouragement. My worry about it, like most things, was for nothing as there is plenty of time for about a hundred different things to happen. Including her turning back, but hopefully not. 

I shared on Instagram the new wallpaper for her room. Can't wait to get the rest of the room together in the next few weeks. 

Baby boy has been sick with a fever, runny nose, and getting four teeth the last few days. Super fun for everyone, but I am enjoying the extra cuddling as that is usually not really his thing. 

Currently, these are my favorite finds of the week that I want to get my hands on. 

It may just be pregnancy, but I love this donut print for a breakfast nook: 

How cute is this idea for a first recital costume or sports uniform? Too cute. 

I have been making these sesame noodles a couple times a week. Don't bother making the chili oil, just use sriracha, bottled sesame chili oil, or garlic chili paste to spice it up. The tahini makes it creamy and so good. 

I think I might order this dress to have on hand when I can fit in my size again. Dangerous? Yes. But for $67 I think I will take the chance. 

How awesome is this party tent? It would be fun to set up for a summer soiree. 

Happy weekend everyone! 

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