And I am out...

Photo: Bruce Weber

There is something about a girls-only trip that makes life just so much better. Don't get me wrong, I love traveling with the little guy and I have had plenty of fun out of town with the big guy, but a trip where you are not responsible for anyone else but yourself is pretty liberating. 

It is also nice to just get away for no reason at all. No wedding, no bachelorette, no shower, no work, no event at all. Just hanging out, catching up with no reason to look at the clock, count calories or drinks, no bedtimes, nothing but pure joy of of being with the company around you. 

So here is to a plane ride with a full stack of magazines and bloody (sigh-virgin) Mary's, reverting a bit back to college life (except with more sunscreen and better wine), and zero responsibility. It is nice to get a break from that, right? 

Have the best weekend. I know I will. 


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