Malibu Monday

How was your weekend? We are having a little getaway to the city for a few days. It is freezing, but nice to switch up the routine. There have been some chilly walks, lots of (too much) Reese's eggs, bloody Mary's, and running after our little guy who went from sometimes walking to basically running overnight. 

Have I ever told you that I am a real estate broker? It is not something I write about often on the site, but I have been getting so many questions lately about the market that I thought I should at least divulge. I work for my own brokerage with just a couple of clients at a time, which I love since I can concentrate on those properties and clients with all of my attention. So if you ever need a broker (in Illinois) or just have a question, I am happy to help! 

Being a broker makes me infinitely curious about all properties, no matter the location. One of my new favorite sites is Curbed. It has unique properties and articles on them, including many celebrity properties that have sold recently or are up to sale. If you are ever feeling down about losing money on your property, having to change your price, etc. go read the celebrity real estate section, it is filled with properties that celebrities are losing millions on. Sounds so bad, but it makes you feel a bit better when you read that a Kardashian just had to lower their price $4 million or that Ryan Gosling sold his bachelor pad for half a million dollars less than he paid for it. 

They recently posted pictures of Pam Anderson's Malibu home that is on the market for $7.78 million. Apparently, she went so overboard with the renovations she can no longer afford to stay there. I love the work she had done on the house and also cannot get over how far your money goes in Malibu. No where. The house is light, chic, minimal and everything would never expect from Pammy. 

The downstairs has an open concept living/kitchen with doors that open wide to the terrace and pool. 

Love that mantel and the floors. 

Who doesn't need a piano on their patio? Love the modern picnic table. 

Love the bar stools and the giant fridge. 

Upstairs there is a master suite that matches the modern beach-y feel, with a touch of glam thrown in. Pam could not resist. 

The indoor/outdoor thing gets me really jealous since it is impossible to replicate here in the mosquito Midwest. 

Not really into the vanity and bath tub being part of the room, but how fab is that tiled wall? Just a little sparkle to offset the stark design. That would be such a great back splash in a bathroom. I want one of those flattering back lit mirrors, too. 

Looks like Pammy had lots of privacy, not that she really wanted it. 

Doesn't this house make you want to go on vacation? Check out more celeb real estate on Curbed. Such a fun Monday distraction 


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