Rifle Paper Co.

Why do girls have such a soft spot for paper? Pretty calling cards, loopy monogrammed stationary, letterpress greeting cards, we love it. Guys could care less and usually rely on office supplies and gifts from Mom. Too bad for them that would not get as excited as us for this ridiculously sweet paper shop, Rifle Paper Co. I am totally obsessed with their illustrations and the ability to customize it. The style is vintage with a bit of kitsch, in a good way, and pretty. I came across them when I saw this adorable family portrait on Pinterest. 

It is their stationary that was framed for their house. How sweet is that? 

The floral prints slay me. I worship these calling cards, thinking about getting them as my new business cards. 

A bright citrus print would be cute in the kitchen. 

Love this cowboy invitation for a little boy's birthday party. Doesn't it remind you of Wes Anderson movies a bit? 

The different ways you can monogram stationary is lovely. The little portrait ones are amazing. The floral monogram would be perfect for a wedding gift to the bride. 

The wedding invitations are so pretty. I would have died to have any of them as mine. 

How perfect would this be for a shower invitation

Maybe the most perfect valentine cards ever. 

Might be doing some damage on this site today. I can't help it, just like how you might not resist either. 



  1. Love, love, love stationary! Thanks for this website!

  2. Wow, I could do some major damage on this site. I'm eyeing the recipe cards and the heirloom recipe card box. What a beautiful gift!



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