Declutter Your Inbox

How annoying is your inbox each morning? If it is like mine, it is full of emails from all the sites you subscribe to, places you have visited, and sites you have bought something on. It is maddening. And finally there is something that will take care of that madness for you. 

Unroll.me is a genius (free!) service that takes all of those emails and places them in one spot for you. So instead of deleting twenty emails each morning and many more throughout the day, you simply get one email from Unroll.me once a day (you choose the time). So you can still get that coupon or news about a new product without having to weed through emails from that site every day. 

This is what your timeline looks like. It is broken up by days and has little images to remind you of where that email came from. Plus the best part, is that if you want to unsubscribe to any of the emails, it will do it for you with a simple click on your home screen. 

This is the perfect time of year to turn this on. One more email from a Groupon I am never going to use was going to put me over the edge. 


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