Setting the Table: Thanksgiving

Setting the table for a traditional holiday meal does not have to be all that traditional. It is way more fun to do something unexpected and outside the normal harvest looking routine. Getting inspiration can come from anywhere. A Thanksgiving table should be festive and warm, with touches of tradition.  

Images from Pinterest

My fantasy table this year...

1. Runner $30 2. Coral Vase  $20 3. Wooden Hurricane $40 
4. Clear Column Votives $10-$30 5. Golden Rhino  $38 
6. Tortoise Glasses $60 7. Scalloped Plates $20 (set of 4) 

With touches of tradition in the warm orange tones and white scalloped plates, it is easy to mix in some modern and rustic pieces. Using fruit and magnolia leaves instead of bouquets of flowers is a nod to the whole harvest theme, without being cheesy. I like mixing up all these different types of accessories too, it makes the table way more interesting. And who doesn't want a couple of gold rhinos peeking from behind a candle? 


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