Million Dollar Decorators Part Deux

If you did not catch the first season of Million Dollar Decorators on Bravo, you are lucky enough that it is back for a second season. This gem of a show follows four over the top decorators as they transform spaces for demanding (incredibly wealthy) clients. There is a lot of champagne, antiques, the use of the word "dahling," and inflated egos that you grow to love. And as you see the spaces come together, you understand how talented these designers really are. 

 Jeffrey Alan Marks might be my favorite. He is so obsessed with himself and what a great designer he is, it is hard not to laugh. But when you see his classic, yet fresh California design aesthetic you understand his success. 

Kathryn Ireland, not to be confused with the swimsuit model turned Kmart design star, is a Brit with sass. So immediately you like her. Then you see what a mess she is and have no idea how this woman has churned out some of the most beautiful interiors while also having a kick ass textile business. She drinks a lot of champagne on the show, so clearly I am a fan of hers. She has the whole French country goes Bohemian vibe going on in her design. 

Martyn Lawrence-Bullard loves all things glamour, his celebrity client list, and talking about how fabulous he is. He is another over the top Brit, but I love that he moved to LA wanting to be an actor and is now a super successful designer. His use of the word "delicious" is amazing. 

Lastly, there is Mary McDonald. She has this high pitched voice that reminds me of Karen from Will & Grace, and I say that in the very best way. She loves over the top glam and rooms with serious impact. While sometimes over the top, I really love seeing what she comes up with. She is also by far the funniest on the show. 

Can't wait to watch tonight! 

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