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Two weeks on the beach was bliss. It made coming back to reality today not so fun, but I am really looking forward to the holidays at home. I have started posting some gift guides and have a few more for next week. 

For now, just a few of my favorite pins that I am glad I found while I was away. 

How sweet are the color of these chairs? I have high hopes of making it a flea market soon to hunt down ones just like it and painting them. Convincing Matt to get new kitchen chairs, when the ones we have are perfectly fine is a stretch. So it will need to be a steal. 

I am obsessed with this photograph, but cannot locate the source. Does anyone know? 

Our mantels are very similar to this. I like the idea of hanging the garland high to the ceiling instead of draping it along the top. 

How cute is this little hair bow? And it is actually pretty easy to master. 

I love this idea. A story book of your parent's love story. 

Enjoy your weekend friends. 

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