Dining Room So Far

Sharing pictures of your home on your blog is way harder than I thought. We all look at design blogs and Pinterest all day, loving the perfectly designed and put together rooms of professional, fabulous designers. 

A professional, I am not. Not even close. 

Many of those photos are staged, just been cleaned and combed over for imperfection. So instead of sharing pictures of my "perfect" home, I would rather share ones of my ever changing, always a little messy one. And are rooms ever really "done?" Probably not. 

With that said, I will show you some pictures of the dining room so far. I have done nothing but move what we already have to the new space. 

The picture above the fireplace will most likely be moved to above the buffet. I love the idea of using that fireplace during holiday dinners. 

Those hideous drapes will be coming down. For some reason the previous owner put them up all over the house for showings. Now they are just a pain to take down, then patch and paint the wall. 

The extra built-in unit on the left was a nice addition for storage. The light fixture was from our old house. one of my favorite purchases. 

The table, buffet and break front are family heirlooms from the 20s that I was lucky enough to be gifted. The chairs are new, but I still have two of the original. I have been looking for fabric for awhile to reupholster them in, still searching.

I think one of these rugs would warm up the space and add some visual interest with a pattern since the wood floors and furniture is essentially the same color. Something in a light trellis, maybe. 

Since we live in such a rural area now, some faux taxidermy feels necessary. I LOVE this shop on Etsy. They have many different animals ($120) and it can be customized in different colors. Mint antlers seem perfect.  

The room needs paint, but I am actually kind of obsessed with wallpaper right now. I am thinking of painting below the chair rail white, then choosing a patterned paper to go above. These are my current favorites. Something traditional, yet slightly contemporary. 

I love hearing your input on what you like. Not quite ready to get after this room just yet, but I think I am on the right track. What do you think? 



  1. How fun to have such a great room to work with. What is you put a mirror above the fireplace? It would be a nice way to reflect the chandelier and will look great when you decorate the mantel for the holidays. I think wallcovering above your chair rail will look fabulous. What about a grasscloth to give a little texture in the room? It would be fun to paint the inside of your built in a pop of color, maybe the mint to pick up on the antlers? The furniture is beautiful, I love you play of contemporary and traditional.

  2. Hey there! Second attempt....just some ideas...
    1. You have great shape on those chairs, I'd recommend finding a fun print (in a linen) and just upholstering the backs. Then do the fronts in a solid (or keep what you have). Get extra fabric from upholsterer so you have it on hand should someone spill red wine/cranberry sauce on a seat and you need to recover.
    2. Tory Burch's Spring 2013 runway show featured it's backdrop in Gracie wallpaper. Gracie is known for their dining rooms and has tons of prints. Google their images to get an idea. (Gracie was also used as the wallpaper in the Designer Showcase Vanity Room for this year's Mart Dream Home.) If you do, you may want to only do the top of chair rail and then wainscoat the bottom with a white laquer. (My friend Melissa just did this. If in Lincoln Park, I'm sure she'd be happy to show you.)
    3. Whether you do curtains or roman shades, you may want to have upholsterer install directly below the crown molding. For roman shades, it will give the illusion the windows go to the crown. For curtains it will bring height. (It did for us!)

  3. One more thing...
    While not cheap, check out Stark carpets. They do amazing sisals that are nothing like Pottery Barn. Very rich and full. With tone/tone designs - diamonds, greek keys, etc. But it would be a nice neutral should you do color in your chairs, windows and walls.

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