Destination: Santa Barbara

Last Thursday I hopped on a plane with my man for a weekend in Santa Barbara. You know you leave early when you see the sunrise over the city, but it was worth it. 

Landing in LA at nine in the morning gives you lots of time to enjoy your day. We rented a car and drove up the PCH towards Santa Barbara. The only downside of getting in so early was that my plans to stop in Malibu for lunch were not possible since we were there before the place opened. The views from the car made up for it and and after a few stops and this glorious meal at In N Out...

We made it to Santa Barbara. 

I have been here before and even almost went to school here, but it always seems almost fantasy like when I come back. What lucky people get to live in this dream land year round? The weather is perfect, the beaches gorgeous, and there is plenty to eat and see in this coastal haven. 

We stayed at the Four Seasons Biltmore which is located where Santa Barbara meets Montecito. The resort feels more like one of the sprawling Spanish style compounds that surround it. And a larger version of one of my favorite hotels, the Arizona Inn. There was plenty we could have done, but after checking in and finding a spot on the beach, why leave? 

Especially when we were introduced to the Coral Casino Beach and Cabana Club. We sat here for drinks on arrival, ate a delicious dinner at sunset, and even was able to celebrate with the bride we had traveled to celebrate for lunch the next day. It is a members only club, but guests of the hotel can enjoy it. The room rate is worth every penny so you can spend time here. 

One morning we walked into the town of Montecito and had breakfast at Jeannine's (several locations in Santa Barbara) for breakfast. Let's just say I fell in love with their cinnamon roll that was made from croissant dough. Miss it so much. 

I highly recommend a trip into this adorable little town. A farmer's market was being set up as we ate with families of farmer's displaying some insane produce and flowers. We also walked around the neighborhoods and saw some houses that made me swoon. 

We headed into downtown Santa Barbara the rest of the weekend for the wedding of one gorgeous bride. There is plenty to see, do, and eat in town. Playa Azul Cafe has a charming patio and authentic Mexican. For a good old fashioned breakfast, Joe's was perfect with shredded hash browns and fluffy pancakes. The late night pizza from Uncle Rocco's was probably the best slice I have had in awhile. We all met for drinks at Blush's outdoor patio one night, generous wine pours and tons of outdoor seating made it a great gathering spot. 

Santa Barbara does feel like a fantasy of sorts. And one of my favorite girls in the world, who grew up there, made it feel even more so at her dream wedding. Saying she was stunning is an understatement. All her dreams came true and she got to come full circle and see it realized at her childhood home. 

Her vision was Great Gatsby meets Havana Nights, and if you know her that statement makes perfect sense. So under crystals and chandeliers we danced all night under a crazy full moon. 

Cheers B&B. xo

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