Virtual Room Planning

Growing up I loved to move my furniture around. It did not matter how heavy it was and how many times I moved it, I loved switching things up in my bedroom. If I still had my way, I would be moving things around just as often around my house. Unfortunately, the furniture is heavier and my better half has a strict one-time move policy. Can't blame the guy as he can see that I that one move turns into two, three... he obviously knows me. So floor plans have been the best way for me to plan furniture out so I can see what will actually work. I have tried drawing my own, but can never quite get the scale right.
Luckily I found this amazing site that requires only you to measure the room and its contents. Then you can move everything around as many times as you want to find the perfect combination. Urban Barn is a furniture company that supplies this free service. Once you play around with it a bit, it is very easy to use. 

My great room has been the place that I want to continually move things around in. This tool has helped me see the combination that will work best for the room. This is my handy work and no heavy lifting! 

I like that you can add in the windows, doors, and wall sections you might have. 

This is a fantastic tool if you are ordering new furniture as well. See how that piece will fit into the room based on the dimensions online. No more guessing. Or am I the only one that does that? 



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