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I am obsessed with Otomi embroidered fabrics from Mexico. Ever since I had Christmas dinner on one last year, I have wanted one of my own. The crazy price of it has kept me from taking the plunge since I do not spend that much on table linens. But after seeing this application from Pinterest, I think I could justify the price tag. 

via Pinterest 
The headboard is fantastic and such a great way to use the fabric. I also am loving it as a way to cover otherwise dull chairs. 

via Pinterest
Or you could simply use as a bedspread like below. I like how the neutral color gives some interest to this otherwise basic room without being too loud. 

via Pinterest
Simply hanging as wall art would be so fun, especially in a little nook like this. 

via Pinterest

The large sizes of the Otomi fabric starts around three hundred dollars. 
This Etsy store sells the below option and a couple others. 

Also on Etsy was this great Otomi covered ottoman. Obsessed. 

For a less pricey option, these pillows would be so fun on a bed, couch or piled on a chair. You can find them in a few colors and styles from this Etsy store. 

I love that there are options for this great fabric and I am hoping to figure out how to incorporate it into my pad. 


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  1. Thank you for sharing! I love otomi embroidery too.



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