Golden Globes 2012: The Best and Worst

Sometimes I feel guilty after I make my picks after each awards show. Can you imagine how difficult it must be to work with a team of people to put together the perfect designer look, weigh every opinion that comes your way, diet to the extreme to fit into that dress, sit for hours getting every imperfection covered and painted, then pose just perfectly for hours so you look thin and the dress looks perfect, then wait to see what the opinion is of millions of people?! Especially when you think you look glam and really you were a hot mess? 

Ok, I don't feel that bad. Some people just need to get better stylists. 

I know not everyone agrees with my picks and I think that is the best part about making them. I tend to be super over the typical gowns, while beautiful, are just not exciting to see year after year. There were a lot of people that looked great, but I really tend to love the unexpected or the typical gown turned up. Plus, styling is everything. Hair, make up, jewels, it all has to fit the girl and once it doesn't, you've lost me. (see Angelina with matching red lipstick and bag to her dress. Not a fan)

So let's get to it! These six are my favorites of the night. 

Salma Hayek in Gucci. Love the pleats, the black and gold combo and her hair down, looking gorgeous. 

Nicole Ritchie in Julian McDonald is young and gorgeous in liquid silver beading. The bangs, smokey eye and chunky bangles pull it all together. 

This picture of Shailene Woodley in Marchesa does not do the dress justice. It was feminine and layered, with just enough sparkle. (If you can tell, I am not a huge fan of sequins, kind of kills a lot of looks for me)

I am such a sucker for a great pink. This Lanvin on Natalie Portman may be a bit old for her, but you cannot help but love the nod to Grace Kelly and the old Hollywood feel of it. 

Christian Dior also bring us back with this blush dress on Charlize Theron. I love the color (a huge trend of the night) although her pose is a bit Miss America for me. 

Nicole Kidman brings a great combination of glamour and edge with this studded Versace. It fits perfectly and I love that she wore her hair down. 

My honorable mentions are these two looks that had the beautiful open backs that were also a big trend last night. 

Heidi Klum finally took things down a few notches and wore something super simple and stunning with that gorgeous turquoise necklace. A couple of rings, straight hair and a great tan perfect the look. 

Claire did not make my top list because of her hair, the front is a bit too Rockabilly for me. The the ombre back of this J. Mendel is stunning. 

When it comes to the worst, almost all of them come from the same show. Which makes me feel like they use the same stylist and need to hire a new one. 

The Glee girls loved their updos, Lea's curly French twist is absolutely terrible. Her entire look is really retired-Olympic-skater-turned-middle-aged-soap-star. 

I really love Sarah Michelle Geller, so this really killed me. The dress is one thing, but the matching blue eye shadow took it over the edge. She used her two-year-old daughter as her stylist, while cute, does not get you on the best dressed list.

How do your picks compare to mine? I know you do not agree with all of mine, so I would love to hear yours! 


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